Ramblings and a Ritual Bit

Despite my having time off from school, I haven’t had much time in the way of writing. I’m still working out some details with the hearth prayers, figuring out what actions to take when, and trying to formulate where to go from here. The Grove also has an important guest this weekend, and we are leading the opening ritual at Pagan Pride Day, so there are many preparations for those two events.

I have a tentative outline for an Autumnal Equinox ritual, which I will post when it is done; it’s part of a series of rituals that are meant to supplement the High Day rites of the Grove, with a more family/tribe-centred focus.

Since I have nothing else to show, I’ll share a section of ritual I wrote for the Grove’s private Summer Solstice ritual at a member’s cottage. This part of the ritual acknowledges the Three Realms – the Land, Sea, and Sky – and takes place as part of the (Re)Creating the Cosmos step in ADF’s Core Order of Ritual. This particular piece is much longer than what we normally use for that part in our rituals. And yes, I did make everyone get in the water in the middle of it.

We stand together, gathered as a Grove,
in a place on the border of the Three Realms.

Feel the ground beneath your feet —
hard rocks of the Canadian Shield,
soft sand warmed by the Sun,
smooth blades of grass between your toes —
and know that this is the Land, our home among the cosmos.

Listen to the waters lap against the shore —
see the Sun shining on peaks of ripples,
feel its coolness against your skin  (no, I’m serious — go!)
envision it as the home of many creatures, familiar and unfamiliar —
and know that this is the Sea, connected to all waters, and teeming with life.

Raise your arms and feel the breath of the wind —
listen to the songs of birds as they fly high above us,
feel the kiss of the Sun on your skin,
look up at the vast blue expanse that encompasses the world —
and know that this is the Sky, the heavenly home of the Gods.

We stand at the Sacred Centre, our Fire, Well, and Tree,
surrounded by the power of the Three Realms.

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