Song: “The Seasons Are Changing”

I imagine this to be a children’s hymn, of sorts. Written on the Vernal Equinox on my way to work.


The Seasons Are Changing

The seasons are changing, make way for the Spring!
We honour our Mother, together we sing!
The buds of the flowers reach up to the Sun,
Sing praise to the morning, for Spring has begun!

The seasons are changing, now Summer is nigh!
The light of the daystar shines down from the sky!
Sing praise to our Mother for flowers and fruit,
And herbs made for healing, from leaf, stem, and root!

The seasons are changing, to Autumn we call!
The leaves on the branches, to Earth they now fall.
A harvest of plenty we’ve gathered to save,
The gifts of our Mother, we’re honoured she gave.

The seasons are changing, with Winter’s chill air!
In snow-covered forests, the trees are now bare.
‘Round warm indoor fires, our Mother we praise,
And share with each other, the gifts of these days.

The seasons are changing, the Wheel circles round!
From Samhain through Bealtaine, our praises we sound.
From Harvest through Yuletide, we sing to the Earth,
And live through the changes of death and rebirth.

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