Lughnasadh Champion!

Feast your eyes upon the Women’s Championship Plate, awarded to me at this year’s Lughnasadh Games for Dancing Lights Grove, ADF!

I’m honestly very excited about winning the games, but not for the reason that one may expect. Sure, it’s wonderful to have finally won after placing in both mixed and gendered games for years, but that is almost irrelevant when compared with what I believe I have personally accomplished. (Excuse me while I boast.)

For me, the plate represents the ability to complete the morning’s nature walk for what it was supposed to be – a nature walk;  for stopping and looking at flowers, circles of trees, and weird insects – rather than missing all of that to get the most flags.

The plate represents trusting others by listening to their advice on how to improve my javelin throw, and sticking a 32 ft throw by doing so. (Nowhere near Lugaid’s record last year of 97 ft, but I’ll catch up!)

The plate represents being free – free to sing and lift my voice, to share what I have written, to speak off the top of my head in ritual, to respond to the calls of the folk who wish to hear stories, and free to laugh when I forget the words.

So, can a witch throw off that which fetters her? I think she can.

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