Home Shrine Renewal


On the sixth night, Lugaid and I renewed our home shrine. Using the general format for a hallowing rite by Ian Corrigan, we cleaned and reorganised the shrine, and then realigned it with the Sacred Centre.

This was relatively important for me to do, seeing as I feel significantly different about my faith than I did a month ago.

We chose the term renewal, rather than a hallowing, because our shrine and these tools have been in use for a number of years already. Rather, we wanted to underline their connections with the primordial sacred centre, and emphasise to ourselves what magic can be done in this place.

When hallowing one’s shrine, in the original text in Ian’s book, charms are spoken over the vessels that hold the fire and water, and the tree to align them with their purpose and bring them into the service of the druid at the Grove. We replaced the provided charms with simply the text from our Grove’s liturgy that we use when recreating the cosmos — because there could be no more powerful text could there be for us, than the text repeated at each High Day and Druid Moon rite that has been in use for years among our tribe.

On the left is the top of a staff dedicated to Manannán, the trunk of a cedar tree. The corn dolly is An Cailleach, in Lugaid’s care for the winter (he drew the burnt bannock at Samhain). He crafted the doll, and I think it is pretty neat. The rest of the altar is pretty self-explanatory — Sacred Centre, and offering bowl and plate. Please forgive the thermostat and light switch.

Last night I also had the joy of teaching a liturgy class to my Grove, and it truly was a joy because I haven’t had such passion for the subject in a long while. I hope that those who attended enjoyed it and are able to use what they learned in their own work and for the Grove.

We’re working on the first rumblings of a liturgy revision in the Grove and I’m excited about this too. There won’t be anything too drastic, mostly just clarifying language and relationships so that our worship is more focused.

I do have some actual interesting things coming up, I promise! I have a lot of ideas and poorly conceived outlines to do and to try out, but I’m taking it slow so that I can ease into a deeper devotional practice. I feel so blessed that, each day when I do my devotionals, all of the omens are so uplifting and supportive, and I am forever grateful to Brighid for rekindling my divine fire.

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