My Mother is the Big, Round Earth

My Mother is the Big, Round Earth
(An Action Rhyme)

My Mother is the big, round Earth     (make large circle with hands)
She looks a lot like me     (point to self)
My bones are hard like rocks and stones     (clap fists together)
My hair as long as grass or tree     (brush hand through hair)

Inside my head are thoughts like clouds     (point to temple)
My eyes are like the stars     (make starbursts with hands in front of eyes)
My blood through veins and rivers flow     (wave hand up and down, like water)
Into the sea that is my heart     (clasp hands over heart)

So when I see my own round face     (draw circle around face with finger)
To Mother Earth I pray     (raise hands to sky)
I thank her for her love and gifts     (clasp hands over heart)
Of every night and every day     (wave left hand out, then right)

* * *
I debuted this poem at Children’s Storytime at Durham Pagan Pride Day yesterday; it was well received. There were five children at my storytime (and three big folk!) and we all had fun!

We also read:
By the Light of the Harvest Moon, by Harriet Ziefert
Fall is for Friends, by Suzy Spafford
and told The Story of the Apple Star.

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