Earth Mother Procession

Near the end of May, far later than we should’ve, Lugaid and I finally installed our Earth Mother statue on the shrine. She is actually the Maiden in a set of three, but when I saw Her at first, I thought her crescent moon was a sickle. Finding Her again later, She was mislabelled as an Earth Goddess, so I brought Her home.

We first purified ourselves with water and smoke, and then gathered Her offerings in my favourite basket. We had a bouquet of flowers chosen by Lugaid, a white cow to lead the procession, a bowl of birdseed to scatter on the way, two eggs, and the statue wrapped in a green cloth. In another bag we carried a jar of milk and a loaf of multigrain bread.

The basket of offerings for the Earth Mother procession.
The basket of offerings for the Earth Mother procession.

I was nervous to do this procession as we had to cross two busy intersections, and I was carrying a basket full of flowers and wearing a long white stole, but we’ve seen stranger things in our city. The main portion of the rite was in the botanical gardens at the creek, approximately 15 minutes away.

Scattering birdseed across our front path, the walk was reverent and slow. Upon arriving at the botanical gardens, we waited on the bridge over the creek while a group of boisterous Muslim women packed up their picnic. A duck swam by, but we didn’t see any fish.

We had chosen a small “island” in the creek for the ritual, really only big enough for one of us. I stepped onto the island while Lugaid stayed on the bank of the creek. Giving our offerings of flowers and bread into the running water, they were swept up in the current, and I waited for all of them to be taken away before moving on with the rest of the rite.

The statue of the Earth Mother was brought alive with the milk of the great cow, the flesh of the Earth, and the blood of the river. I made the final offering, and waited for an omen from Her. I’m sure you’ll understand that I won’t share the most personal of messages, but a duck flew overhead, quacking, as my contemplation ended.

We walked home along the same route, the Earth Mother again shrouded in the basket. At our altar, we lit the hearthfire and placed Her on the shrine, adorning Her with a beaded necklace.

Overall, it was quite nice, and I look forward to holding a procession for Her again next Earth Day.

The Earth Mother statue on our shrine.


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  1. Beautiful. I was blessed to receive the Mother Statue in the set of three for my birthday a few days ago. My husband actually picked up the maiden for the same reasons you did, he thought the crescent moon resembled a scythe and he thought I would like her more than the Mother one. I exchanged her, as it was the mother I had intended to use as the Earth Mother on my Home Shrine and for me the round belly spoke earth mother! I also loved that the Full Moon resembles a Shield which is a big part of Norse Mythology. I have her on the shrine but I am working on a proper ritual to honour her. Not quite as elaborate but just as worthy.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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