Blessing of Spring Baskets

Here is last year’s blessing of the Spring Baskets for my Grove. I’m challenged this year by needing to write something that has an equally powerful effect, but isn’t the same and won’t open itself for comparison. Maybe though, this can help you with your Equinox celebration.

Our Grove honours An Cailleach for the final time, as Winter comes to a close. We rebuild the base of her stone house, inviting her to reside inside it, where we will also give libations and gifts through the Summer. If the omen is favourable and our gifts are received, we welcome the blessings of the awakening Earth. Last year, I wrote this working/meditation which went incredibly well; even folk who cannot normally sense energy said that they felt it and it was good. 🙂

2014 Latha na Cailliche Working
The Spring Baskets have been covered with a white cloth for the duration of the rite thus far.

Long we have lived through the coldest winter, under the reign of An Cailleach, her plaid swirling through the waters of the Earth and the waters of the Sky. Over the Earth rested a grey-white blanket of snow, and I invite you to see it, in your mind’s eye.

We speak ill of Winter, the season of death and destruction, coldness and loneliness, though we forget what Winter brings, what its purpose is in the cycle of things. Like An Cailleach, washing herself in the early running streams, changing from the hag into beautiful sovereignty, Winter is necessary for growth, for incubation, for the transformation out of which new things can flourish, having had their chaff removed by Winter’s starkness and harsh truths. Feel, then, underneath the grey-white blanket of snow, deep down into the Earth, beneath the tree roots and the ancestor bones, a stirring.  [A drumbeat begins.]

An Cailleach’s magic is an ancient and powerful magic, as we have heard and learned today, but now she recedes, into her house of stone, amongst the mosses and ferns of the forest. Brown and hard though they are, they reach down within themselves, guided by the tender touch of the Sun, they reach down into the Earth, past the bones of the ancestors and the bones of the Earth to seek out that stirring. [The drumbeat is faster.]

And then, from the gathered snow comes pure water, water that hydrates us, nourishes us, carries forth life to the seeds and trees until all that springs forth is bright and green and gold! [Remove the white cloth covering the Spring Baskets.] See the green-gold light of Spring rising from the Earth, feel the green-gold light of Spring rising through your feet, through your bodies and into your heart and hands. Share that green-gold light of Spring with your friends – direct that green-gold light of Spring into the Spring baskets and into the red eggs and into the waters by which we are blessed!

Blessed is She, who brings the life to the land
Blessed is She!
Flow out from your sources, sacred river
Blessed is She!

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