30 Lughnasadh Prayers

With gessa and feats of arms were they performed, a fortnight before Lugnasad and a fortnight after: under dicitur Lughnasadh, that is, the celebration or the festival of Lugh. – Lebor Gabala Erenn, §59

I suggested to Nathan, half-serious, that he choose to do something in devotion for the fortnight leading up to Lughnasadh and the fortnight thereafter. “What should I do?” he asked.
“I don’t know…” I said. “Do ten push-ups. And add another ten every day.”
“Sure!” he replied, almost immediately. “So 150 a day by Lughnasadh.”
“Yeah. But I’m just making stuff up, you know.”
“I know.”

But he started his push-ups, and encouraged friends in our Grove’s Warrior Circle to join with in their own 30-day challenges. I chose to write instead.

I don’t know Lugh very well personally, just academically and in passing, which Nathan doesn’t understand. He figures since I can do everything (haha), Lugh and I would be best of friends. So in my 30 days of Lughnasadh, I’m seeking to know Lugh better by composing 30 prayers to him. These are all unedited, and will probably remain so until the end of the Lughnasadh season, where I’ll choose the best ones to fix. Here are the first four:

Lugh, All-Skilled Wielder of the great spear,
I call out to you this night.
The first fortnight of your feast is upon us,
And I await your presence.
Come to my hearth, Shining One,
Where I will make a place for you.
O Inspirer of Warriors, Inspire me, too, as I embrace your brightness.

A diadem on your brow, Lugh,
A shining countenance,
You approach the gates of Tara in glory.
Be the leader of our tribe, Lugh,
Teach to us right kingship —
Justice and peace,
Hospitality and order,
Vision and integrity.
Let us welcome you that we may learn.

O Lugh, son of Eithne, what is best for a tribe?
The far-seeing vision of the stars,
The rich bounty of the land gained through labour,
Knowledge through otherworld travels,
The radiance of many skills.
O Lugh, son of Eithne, teach me to aid in these things.

Inspirer of Warriors, hear my voice:
With purpose and focus,
I am for strength and swiftness,
Growing towards your example of brightness.

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