30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 12-15

[For a job interview.]

A test of ability,
A test of strength,
A test of clear thinking:
Like your entrance to Tara,
Let the mastery of my own skills grant me entrance through this interview.
Lugh, let your confident radiance shine through me,
As I say, “Question me!”

I think of your foster-mother and her sacrifice, Lugh,
As the bounty of the fields fills my arms and plates.
May I remember her with my deeds as you did,
being a champion of the Earth,
carrying her gifts into a new day.

Lugh, I pray to you for the leaders of our community —
may their lives be ordered,
may they plan with vision,
and may they find fulfillment in their tasks.
Guide them, just king,
that they be as honourable as you.

On this August eve,
We have felt the first drops of the cooling rain.
On this August eve,
We pause, sensing your power in the electrically-charged air.
On this August eve, under the bright moon,
We pour out this offering to you.
Hail Lugh!

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