30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 16-22

This project is getting rather difficult as the days move away from Lughnasadh.

Torn apart by your spear, Lugh,
The heat of the Sun lies broken on the ground.
I stand under the rolling clouds, arms open,
Ready to receive your blessings.

Lugh, protector of the tribe,
You keep us in sustenance and safety.
Within your enclosure,
We are free to flourish in our arts.
As your spear marks the boundary,
Let no ill come against us,
And we will praise your names and deeds.

Lugh, as your cooling rains fall here,
I think of those places ravaged by wildfires,
And pray that your rains fall there too.
I pray this as a steward of the earth,
And I pray this as a sister to all beings.
Open the skies, Lugh,
Bring your succour to the land and its folk.

Be with me, Lugh, on this field of athletes;
Watch my feats of strength.
With focus and skill, I do this in honour of you.

[Canadian party leaders debate night:]

Truth and honour, vision and skill:
Let these qualities of leadership be found amongst all parties,
As we pray for a fair election.

Foster-son of Manannán mac Lir,
Studying the ancient arts and science,
Navigate with me the waters of magic,
Uncovering truth and practicing skill.

Craftsman, musician, hunter, and king,
I build my life strong with the skills that I bring.
Warrior, poet, farmer, and smith,
I work for my people in honour and frith.
Builder, magician, cupbearer, spear,
I follow my path that your light has made clear.


There once was a god named Lugh,
Who didn’t know what to do,
So his skills he did bring,
To a tuatha king,
And said, “Hey guys, I’m better than you.”

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