30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 23-30

The fortnight after Lughnasadh was so much harder compared to before the holiday. The anticipatory energy wasn’t there, and with a couple of cooler days and signs of the approaching harvest, I found it hard to connect. Even still, when I wrote the last prayer my eyes misted up a bit, because this was an interesting challenge and devotion.

I tried not to think too hard about what I was writing each day, so the themes repeat a bit. I think that’s okay.

Reach out with your long arm,
Make the way clear.
Shine forth with lightning,
Pierce with your spear.
Part the dark storm clouds,
Bring in the light.
Lugh, the fierce striker,
Show us your might!

Protector of the crops,
Keeper of agriculture’s secrets,
Son of the Earth herself,
Lugh, I give thanks for this meal.

On this side of your feast, Lugh,
I see the sorrowing of the Earth,
Subtle to the undiscerning eye.
May I have the foresight to prepare,
And the resolve to welcome it.

Lugh, ward my sleep as you ward this house.
Guard the door to my dreams,
Allowing deep rest and comfort,
Turning away all else.

Where warriors gather, your name is praised.
Lugh of the Long Arm, brighten our days!

Rise from the sage’s seat, Master of All Skills,
Take your place among kings,
Employing your arts with vision and strength.
Rise to inspiration, Warrior-King,
Bring forth the powers of the gods,
Guiding them with focus and foresight.
Rise to the battlefield, Fierce Striker,
Let loose your long arm,
Freeing the land and tribe from tyranny.

Not just a master of skills, but a master of ways:
The way of the stars and vision,
The way of the earth and industry,
The way of the sea and magic,
The way of the folk and community.
With the movement of days,
May they open to me as well.

I give thanks to you, Lugh,
For the flashes of your presence in my life.
A god of my Grove,
I see your influence in story and craft.
A god of warriors,
I see your skill in the perfect throw.
My husband’s patron,
I see your inspiration lift him up.
May your worship never fade,
And your names always be spoken with honour.
Hail Lugh!

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