Holy Tides: Spring

In Beth Wodandis’s latest video, I enjoyed that she talked about the High Days being like tides, for just a couple days before I was saying the very same thing to Lugaid over dinner. The idea of holy tides drives our home worship as seasons flow into each other.

Spring, then, begins with the rising of the maple sap, which we cannot see and do not have a personal hand in, though we visit our local Maple Syrup Festival, on An Cailleach’s Moraine.

This whole season is a rising and swelling that comes sharply into focus at the hinge of the Vernal Equinox rite with our Grove, when the seasons change from Winter to Spring. We pinpoint that change at that moment — when An Cailleach has accepted our offerings, and we turn our attention to what lies under the Earth. In our Grove, we unveil our Spring Baskets, first hidden under the snow, but then uncovered as the waters cascade down from the Moraine and the Sky.

Those waters carried over with me into World Water Day on March 22, where I held a rite in honour of An Cailleach, Boann, the Earth Mother, and the spirit of the Oshawa Creek. In the days after, I visited those spirits in the rain, bringing offering to them.

Goddesses of Water, clear and free-flowing — Earth Mother, An Cailleach, Boann, and the spirit of Oshawa Creek, Pour out your blessings on us. Blessed is She, who brings the life to the land!
From here, the tide carries into April and spring cleaning, and the joy of opening the windows to the crisp air. We seek out signs of spring, like the first purple flower growing by the side of the house, sharing them with each other with joy.

On Earth Day, April 22, which this year is also the night of the Full Moon, we will carry our statue of the Earth Mother to the creek and wash Her, giving offering of grains and flowers to Her there. This will be our third year of performing this rite. Over the next week, we continue our offerings of service to Her by participating in both community cleanups and tree-planting.

Then, it is time for Bealtaine, when we re-light our hearth fire with our Grove, and move outdoors once again, building our Fire on the body of the Earth, bringing in a new seasonal tide of gatherings and exploration.

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