This year, my husband and I are observing this holy tide primarily over three days, honouring the Ancestors of Kin, Blood, and Land.

Sunday, we attended our Grove’s Samhain rite, and it was a pleasant change to be attending rather than leading, which gave me the opportunity to take the role of Fire Tender. This supporting role is important in our Grove, ensuring the quiet maintenance of the centre, and providing gentle direction at the altar for folks who require it. She leads the purification – not in the rite proper, but before it, using the power and blessing of the hearthfire to cleanse the objects that will be used in the purification of the folk.

So in this rite, where many of our friends brought honour to their Ancestors, we brought honour to their Ancestors also.

We bring offering to the Ancestors of the folk of Dancing Lights Grove, and the Ancestors of all of the folk gathered here. We honour your achievements in life, you multi-talented folk, with your individual stories and lives well lived. We acknowledge your hardships, those which you overcame, and those which shaped you. Though we may not know you, we honour your memories, because our friends honour your memories, and what is remembered, lives.

We bring offering to the Ancient Wise, the Ancestors of our Druidry. Through the Deep Gate we praise you and your works, you who kept the old ways in ancient times. We keep the old ways even now, and so we honour you, priests, bards, magicians, for your continued inspiration and guidance at our fires, in our rites, and in our songs.

Monday, we honoured our Ancestors of Blood by setting a place for them at our table, and sharing with them a feast of pork, cauliflower, and mushrooms.

We bring offering to the Ancestors of our blood, those generations of people whose deeds and actions have brought us to this place. We set a place for you, Mighty Dead, and offer to you from our feast. We remember your names, and we will share your stories with our children, that they may also remember you. We are grateful for our memories of you, and know that your wisdom endures in the Well and in the waters of the Earth. We pray, O Ancestors, that you will support the enduring line of our family now and in the future.

And today, I am on my own, as I honour the dead of this Land in the crispness of fall.

We bring offering to the Ancestors of this Land – the spirits of nature that have lived and died here, and the ancestors of this city, both its builders and the original inhabitants of this place. In this beautiful place I honour you, on behalf of my family.

Blessed Samhain to you.

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