#prayeraday, continued

Part of #prayeraday, these are the prayers I wish I had when I was last depressed and didn’t have any words to say. Maybe they’ll be useful for someone else, too.

O shining gods, to you I pray,
hear my voice as I cry out.
I am lost in this cloud of darkness,
trapped underneath this weight.
Shine your light on me,
do not leave me in despair.

Can you help me, Ancestors,
as I am burdened by my thoughts?
Can you lift me, ancient mothers,
and hold my head above the current?
Can you hear me, mighty dead,
does my voice echo loud enough?
With your love, loosen my bounds.
Help me to step, and step again.

In the midst of these troubles,
I seek you out, Earth Mother,
for you are solid beneath my feet.
Support me now, as you do each day,
with your body, with steadfast love.

You are my still place, Brighid,
Amid these rolling thoughts.
I focus on your light,
strong and steady,
as you are,
and pray that I reflect it.

As I emerge from this darkness, O gods,
I give thanks to you,
for I know
that even though I could not feel you,
you are with me always.

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