Rev. Jan Avende suggested that for the month of November, as a National Novel Writing Month variant, we write a prayer a day, sharing it on social media. Quite a number of ADF members are participating, including Priests. While I haven’t posted everything I’ve written on social media, here are some of my early contributions:

Amid the falling drops of rain,
Under the greying sky,
I pause in the presence of the spirits.
It is your season, Mighty Dead,
We feel you stirring in the Earth.
Let us hear your whispers in the leaves,
Emerge from this timeless autumn.
Come to us now, on the breeze,
And we will carry forth your memories.

Brighid of the holy hearth,
Help me find the centre in all things,
And move forward from here with grace.

Dark is the sky that stretches over this time.
Earth Mother, hold us to your bosom,
Allow us respite there.
Dark is the time of the dead,
Between the end of one year and the start of the next,
The gap in the torc.
Dark is the time of warding,
With smoke and iron and woven red threads,
Against the spirits who wish us ill.
Dark is this time in our minds,
A time of contemplation and trance,
A recentering of spirit.

Bright, though, is the light of the hearthfire,
A point of constant returning.
I offer to you, O goddess of flame,
Be my beacon in the dark.

You are my guide, Manannan Mac Lir,
Over the moving ways of life.
You have steered me over the rough waves,
Now, let us celebrate in this time of joy,
Where droplets of water dance!
Dance with me, Manannan,
At the edge of the shoreline,
Between the sea and the land,
Between this day and the next.

I am in awe at the power of water.
Not just the wide seas and thundering storms,
But the way it cascades down my skin in the shower,
And how it fills up my glass,
And its secret presence in this meal I prepare.
From the beginning of time,
Water has created us, we are born of its movement.
Now, let us create a new world,
For water, for ourselves,
Shaping our world in the ways that water has shaped us.

O Pole Star, share with me your light
Beneath the starry skies at night.
Eternal, high above the world,
Your vision wide, your wisdom pure.
Far-seeing beauty, witches’ Queen,
Lead me to the lands of dream.

Touch the sky with your delicate fingers, O Dawn,
Paint it pink and gold.
Wherever your light touches,
May there be beauty, peace, and truth.

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