Preparing for Imbolc

I’m already in an Imbolc kind of mood, ready for the warmth of the hearthfire, cups of tea, and buttered scones. It’s one of my favourite holidays (they’re all my favourite holidays), but I have time off work specifically for celebrating, so I plan on immersing myself in the light of Brighid’s flames.

Erin Lund Johnson, of Her Eternal Flame, is leading us through an Imbolc Advent, honouring Brighid in four aspects on the Sundays leading up to the high day. Today is the second Sunday, but you can also read last week’s meditation on her blog.

I also like to prepare for holidays by listening to playlists on 8tracks, because I like to hear what speaks to others as their expressions of these events. Also, as someone whose not that adventurous, it’s a great way to be exposed to new things. If you haven’t tried it out, you really should. There’s a playlist for almost every feeling or aesthetic.

Here are a few lovely playlists that will be in my Imbolc music rotation:

Brighid Songs
Brighid’s Cross and Cloak: An Irish Myth Mix
Quickening: Songs for Imbolc




2 thoughts on “Preparing for Imbolc

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Brighid Bless.

    Where do you find 8tracks with Brighid songs? My parents have 8tracks and a player from way back, but no Brighid songs! I’m intrigued.

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