Book of Shadows (Sweep #1)

sweep-1Book of Shadows (Sweep #1), Cate Tiernan

Somehow I missed this series in my teens, even though the first book was published only one year before I declared myself a pagan in a very awkward first ritual. I thought it would be a good book to kick off the Witchy Fiction Challenge, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Book of Shadows is a light and fast read, following teenager Morgan Rowlands as she discovers Wicca through newcomer Cal. As she becomes more invested in what he is teaching, she awakens to new powers that she must learn to navigate – as well as navigate her relationship with her best friend as they both crush on the same boy.

I could take or leave the teenage love triangle, and the fantasy element about Morgan’s history was predictable and not well fleshed out; the book is a little short. What really made this book fun for me was Morgan’s exploring paganism — learning the names of the sabbats, meeting new friends who are also interested, visiting a new age store for the first time, having a conflict with her parents about her religion. It was like watching sixteen year old me and my friends, so this story brought back some cringey memories.

I may continue with the series, if I’m looking for something light, or hurting for another Witchy Fiction Challenge book. It’s a little cheesy, but enjoyable nonetheless. Four broomsticks out of five.

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  1. I read the whole series during an ME/CFS relapse a few years ago and remember enjoying it hugely! It’s not one to take too seriously, but it’s a good romp.

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