30 Days of Druidry

Some good folks in our local pagan community have asked for an introduction to ADF Druidry at our Pagan Pride coming up in August, but because of my other obligations that day, I won’t be able to provide that. So, I’m resurrecting an old series of blog prompts called 30 Days of Druidry by Alison Leigh Lilly, and invite you to follow along with me in the weeks leading up to Pagan Pride, to discover just what my Druidry looks like.

It has also been one year since I was ordained an ADF Priest, so this is a good time to revisit why this spiritual path speaks to me.

Throughout this 30 Days of Druidry series, please remember that I am but one member of one Grove in ADF, and that my experiences and reflections are solely that of one person.

  1. Why Druidry?
  2. Foundations: Cosmology
  3. Foundations: Nature and Earth
  4. Foundations: The Three Realms
  5. Foundations: The Elements
  6. Foundations: Altar, Grove and Nemeton
  7. Foundations: Day-to-Day Practice
  8. Relationships: Gods/Deities and Spirit
  9. Relationships: The Ancestors
  10. Relationships: Spirits of the Land
  11. Relationships: Ritual and Worship
  12. Relationships: The Dark Half of the Year
  13. Relationships: The Light Half of the Year
  14. Relationships: Rites of Passage
  15. Inspirations: Awen and Creativity
  16. Inspirations: Prayer and Meditation
  17. Inspirations: Storytelling and Myth
  18. Inspirations: Music, Poetry and Aesthetics
  19. Inspirations: Ethics, Virtues and Values
  20. Inspirations: Divination and Magic
  21. Inspirations: Mysticism and Philosophy
  22. Everyday Life: Druidry and Family Life
  23. Everyday Life: Druidry and Romance
  24. Everyday Life: Druidry and Work/Career
  25. Everyday Life: Conservation and Environmentalism
  26. Everyday Life: Druidry and Community
  27. Everyday Life: Peace and Social Justice
  28. Everyday Life: A Day in the Life of a Druid
  29. The Future of Druidry
  30. Advice to the Seeker

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