1 – Why Druidry?

Our druidry is a blend of old and new: we do as our Ancestors did in a way that is right for us now. We are not trying to recreate exactly what they had, but we research to bring it forward into this modern time, where it is just as relevant to our lives now.

Our druidry is about relationships: with the Earth who is honoured first in our rites, with the spirits of this Land, with the mighty powers, with those who gather in fellowship at our celebrations.

Our druidry is about centering ourselves in the world: being present and human, while seeking deep connections with the spirits around us. This is not a religion of separateness, but immersion. We seek to include all who wish to worship with us, by providing opportunities for public praise and celebration.

My druidry is about fire and water, silence and song. It is lived and felt each day, with smoke that rises from our home shrine, prayers said over our meals, and rising with the Sun.

Why druidry? Because the magic of the Earth moves in my soul, and I cannot live any other way.

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