2 – Foundations: Cosmology

If I had to sum up the two very basic things of our Druidry, I would choose fire and reciprocity. All of our relationships, with each other, and with the gods, are based in reciprocity — I give so that you may give. When we engage in reciprocal relationships, we deepen our connection to other beings. Keep this principle in mind as we explore our Druidry.

In the Core Order of Ritual, step 5 is (Re)Creating the Cosmos, where we experience again the creation of the world, moving from the primordial underworld and heavenly powers, through the three realms, to the Fire, Well, and Tree at the centre of our rite and the world.

First, we begin with the Two Powers. These are the raw powers of creation, that give life to all things. They are what the world arose from and will return to in its neverending cycles. The Underworld power is the unformed stuff of potential. It flows, cool and magnetic, within the land. The Heaven power is bright and orderly, and through its light can lend form to the raw elements of creation. When we merge these two powers within ourselves, drawing them up from the earth and down from the heavens, we can work magic.

The Three Realms are most commonly known as Land, Sky, and Sea, though those are not all the permutations in our Druidry. The Land is where we live, and it provides to us all of what we need. It is familiar, and may be thought of as an “island”. The Sea surrounds the Land, and it contains within it otherworldly creatures that are less familiar and possibly malicious. The Sky is bright above the Land, and is is the realm of many of the Gods. It is a place of Order. We’ll talk more about the Three Realms on Day 4.

In the liminal place where these Three Realms meet is the Sacred Centre. Liminality is important to our magic because in places that are neither one thing or another (or are two things at once), there is much potential. The Sacred Centre is commonly seen as Fire, Well, and Tree, all of which are Gates to the Kindreds and realms of the world. The Fire is the Bright Gate that reaches high into the Sky and the realm of the Gods. The Well is the Deep Gate that reaches down into the Sea and the realm of the Dead. The Tree forms a bridge between all of the worlds, that we may travel upon it to visit the Spirits, and have our voices travel along it and through the Gates in our rites.

Within this cosmos is where we perform our magic work. The centre of the rite is the centre of all worlds, and the Fire of Sacrifice burns bright with our offerings.

Further Reading:
Nine Central Tenets of Druidic Ritual – Rev. Michael J. Dangler

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