3 – Foundations: Nature and Earth

The Earth Mother occupies a central place in our worship. In our rites, She receives the first offering. This is because She is the foundation of our work, and without Her, we could not live. She nourishes and sustains us, so we honour Her as is right.

There is no one correct way of understanding and honouring the Earth Mother in our rites. Some honour her as a global goddess, encompassing all places. Others prefer to honour their local land or river goddess.

In my Grove, there are elements of both. The language that we use in our standard liturgy brings forth images of the entire world, drawing on the language of the elements (Day 5) to paint a picture of a world created from her body itself. But in our lived druidry, there are sites that we visit and customs that we follow that put the focus on the Earth Mother in this direct place.

In our hearth religion (that is, the practices and beliefs shared in my household specifically) each Spring we carry our statue of the Earth Mother to the local creek with offerings. We wash Her in those waters, and recommit ourselves to Her service. This reminds us of the ties we have to this land and its spirits, this river goddess, this Earth Mother. We further honour Her by supporting a local farm in a community supported agriculture program, and participate in tree planting with our conservation authority.

We are but one part in the grand web of things, and our honouring of the Earth reminds us of the necessity to keep good relationships.

[ 30 Days of Druidry ]

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