4 – Foundations: The Three Realms

Our Core Order simply states that in our rites, “The Three Worlds or Realms must be acknowledged.” What those are is defined by our hearth-specific understanding, though they are often seen as Land, Sea, and Sky, those realms found within Celtic lore.

In our Grove rites, we say:

The Land supports us, our home among the Cosmos.
The Sea surrounds us, teeming with otherworldly life.
The Sky stretches above us, displaying the Order of the Gods.

These three simple lines create a mental image of an island world under a firmament, from which our magic is worked.

The Land supports us in a physical sense: it is underneath our feet, but also the plants and waters of the Land nourish us and support our bodies to live. The Land may be thought of as the realm of the Nature Spirits, for they live here also and are too nourished by the Earth. Here, the great trunk of the Tree grows upwards to the Sky and its roots reach underneath to the vast waters.

Outside of this safe and nourishing space is the Sea, filled with unknowns: with islands of magic, with mysterious creatures, with waters that lead down into the realm of the Dead, and even further connecting with those primordial waters below. The Sea is connected to the Well — all waters of the world are. Where we may interact with these things, or take journeys out into this realm, it is prudent to use caution.

Above us is the bright and shining Sky’s expanse. Not only do the sun, moon, and stars shine here, but many of the Gods do also. The regular pattern of the Sky is ordered, as we use the heavens to indicate the times of our sacrifices. The ordered lights of the heavens shine down to us, and the Fires of our sacrifices burn bright, bringing our offerings into this realm.

Further Reading:
The Worlds and the Kindreds – Rev. Ian Corrigan

[ 30 Days of Druidry ]

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