Solstice Tide, Day One

Burning sage and juniper to purify our home and welcome in the season on the first night of our Solstice celebrations.

Tonight, our evening will start by celebrating Dair na Coille, which we do on the first night of the Cold Moon according to our lunar reckoning. We will visit a wooded area nearby and leave small, wildlife-friendly and biodegradable offerings for the new souls returning to this world this year on the west wind, from the realm of the Ancestors.

Then, returning home, we’ll be honouring our female Ancestors, especially important to us this year because of our pregnancy. We will give them offerings and ask for their blessings upon our family.

We will also be taking an omen for this new year. This will be year four of this practice, and the last three have been stunningly accurate, and we’ve seen great growth in our personal lives. Because it is a year-omen, it can take time to come to fruition, but it puts our actions into perspective as we work towards our goals. After receiving this omen, we have some days before the Boar-Feast, at which we will share our resolutions, so the coming days often include some self-reflection in light of the knowledge of the year to come.

If you’re looking for alternate ideas for your Solstice eve celebrations, check out the Three Cranes Grove Solstice-along Day One, with a suggestion for an all-night vigil hailing the Norse gods at each hour. 

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