Solstice Tide, Day Three

Tonight, we offer to An Cailleach, the goddess of winter and the name we call the spirit who resides atop the Oak Ridges Moraine, the northernmost feature of our watershed. She reigns in this place from Samhain through to the Vernal Equinox, and her presence is felt in the chill air and frozen land.
She is necessary to the movement of things, and so we honour her this day.

Cailleach Bhéara, Bone Mother
The Land itself arose from your gnarled hands.
Shifting and changing, making and raising:
From the depths of Winter, all things may take shape.

Cailleach Bhéara, Deer Herder
All the animals of the woods respond to your call.
Bluejays and owls, squirrel-kin and deer:
In the depths of Winter, they follow your voice.

Cailleach Bhéara, Veiled One
Wash your plaid in the cauldron, bleach out its colours.
Cover the Land with snow so that we look inside ourselves:
Through the depths of Winter, we are tempered by you.

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