Solstice Tide, Day Six

Christmas morning is a quiet time for the cat and I, as my husband is on night shift. I don’t particularly feel the magic of this morning this year; we’ve chosen not to exchange presents and opt instead for seeing some Jays games next summer, though there are a few small things tucked away in stockings.

Instead, I’m thinking about the virtues, most especially of hospitality, and how best to embody it within the next year. Of course, the exchanging of gifts is one aspect, but there is much more about hospitality that is shown in our actions than solely in material items.

John Beckett’s article “Hospitality in Practice” has some excellent ideas for sharing hospitality at your public rituals. I like to think our Grove does well, but there is always room for improvement.

On a more personal note, I am reflecting on my personal embodiment of the virtues in my life. Since I have stepped down from all positions of responsibility in my Grove, ADF, and our local community (with the exception of the ADF Priesthood), I am taking the time to ensure that my life and work is of service to the Gods, Folk, and Land, and in line with my personal ethics code — which includes living with integrity, and always improving my service. May I be even better in the new year.

Elsewhere, Rev. Melissa Ashton writes about celebrating Christmas as a time of hope and the Three Cranes Grove Solstice-Along is honouring the child of Light today. 

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