18 – Inspirations: Music, Poetry, and Aesthetics

What is the aesthetic of a druid rite? How do we define and craft it? Each person will find their answer slightly differently, and even from rite to rite, our material things like the altar, our offerings, and even the words we say will contribute to the overall feeling. Most of all, for me, I want a rite that is well-structured, smooth flowing, clear and simple, with full participation of all in attendance. To me, that is beauty.

I think that everyone should sing. It’s a good way to share a communal experience, and many pagan chants are relatively accessible. The songs that we sing in our rites aid us in our worship and often flow through me in the days before the rite. Does this mean that each person is equal in their talent? No, and there’s a place for musical performance in ritual as well. Good musical bardry, like good storytelling, should be honoured. But when we gather in our Groves, lifting our voices in song is participatory. Don’t be afraid to join in group chants 🙂

Poetry is a tool that I employ when crafting rituals. Some of my best ritual work includes carefully crafted poetry – our charm for kindling the hearthfire at the start of rites, for example. When a piece like this is created, I feel that it is magically whole, it becomes a spell. Other poems are not like that. They are good and beautiful in other ways, however, and worthy of writing and sharing and hearing.

[ 30 Days of Druidry ]

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