Finding Piety Again

The last year has brought a lot of change to my life. After my Bean was born, everything was so different. It was hard to remember the person I was before. I mourned her and cried for her, and it took quite some time to find my footing again. A mother is only as old as her baby is, so as he discovered how to be a human, I discovered how to be a parent. Some days, I had to push myself to be strong for my child. I had to be resilient, and my prayers were often formed from desperation, calling to Brighid and my Ancestors to help.

And help they did – with Brighid’s blessings I was able to produce almost enough milk for my son. The strength of my Ancestors carried me through some hard nights. And through it all, my piety was there, quietly waiting for me to find it again and bring it to the forefront – to have a clean altar with a lit flame, prayers calmly spoken. When we are challenged, sometimes we have to put aside things with the promise to pick them up later. We must prioritize in order to have a functional life. I did this with my religion, with my piety, and I’m glad to have found it again.

So, with a new baby, new house, and renewed joy, I thought I’d take it one further and have a renewed blog also. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you may see some previous posts edited and republished at a later time. I hope that everyone will find some useful content here, and that I can be of service to you with my words and small offerings.

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  1. I remember how difficult those first steps of motherhood were… I’m glad you’re finding your footing. Know that there are many of us around to help or simply listen. ❤

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