Resource Roundup: Samhain Music

I love seasonal music, and I hope you do too. Luckily, there’s a whole community of people who have curated playlists for us, so all we need to do is sit back and listen. Here’s a few playlists from to get you in that Samhain mood. Listen to them for inspiration when planning or preparing for your celebrations, or even as background music to give your rites a little extra something.


Earthwitch – My high rotation playlist of choice for the Autumn. It’s an eclectic mix, but there’s something comforting, folky, and earthy there that keeps drawing me back. It makes me yearn for something that I don’t have, but desperately want. The cover art is from the YA book Wise Child, which I read because of this playlist.



Witch’s Rune

Witch’s Rune – Delightfully witchy, featuring some favourite pagan artists like SJ Tucker. When I’m thinking about pagan music, this is what I think of. I’d play this mix as guests arrive for the Samhain rite held in my living room.




A Quiet Little Halloween

A Quiet Little Halloween – If you’re looking for some background music for sipping your pumpkin spice latte in your oversized sweater and reading socks, this is the playlist for you.

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