Post-Parliament Reflections

“What do you think is the biggest misconception about Paganism today?”

This is the question that began my Parliament, asked by a woman I didn’t know who was borrowing my program book, just minutes after I had checked in.

I stumbled through an answer, something about multiple paths, and I felt woefully underprepared for the week ahead. She didn’t seem to believe whatever I had said. Maybe it wasn’t salacious enough.

I felt a heaviness in that moment too, being the only ADF Priest in attendance. I carried inside me the weight of current conflicts within our organization, ones I hadn’t been able to devote my attention and prayers to while I prepared for this conference.

Perhaps that was for the best. With those thoughts in my heart, I was bringing them to every panel, every assembly that I attended, seeking solutions – and seeking a solace for myself from this turbulence, attempting to find my place.

But enough poetics, because I’m not really saying anything, am I? If I told you that interfaith dialogue felt bright and open, but tasted like nothing, would you understand? Could you also feel that under the wide brightness was a discomfort that was known but not discussed? I entered the Parliament with this feeling.

Over the next few posts, I will attempt to bring the spirit of the Parliament forward, with its lessons and feelings, for anyone who wants to listen but especially for the folk of ADF. I submit these thoughts to you that we may find a firmer footing within our church, growing where appropriate, even though it may involve challenging introspection. Please, in the spirit of the Parliament, keep an open mind, ask questions, but also recognize that these are one person’s words.

  1. Our Home on Native Land
  2. Honour Your Ancestors
  3. The Promise of Inclusion
  4. Chickpeas, Climate, Capitalism
  5. You and Me and “Community”
  6. A Religious Life

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