I’m guiding a small group of ADF Dedicants through Rev. Michael Dangler‘s program, The Dedicant Path through the Wheel of the Year. These eight students are committing themselves to study druidry for a year, including engaging in mental discipline and regularly visiting nature.

Since Bean, my regular practice has all but disappeared. The discipline that I had cultivated was pushed aside for more pressing concerns. But, now that I am well again, it is time to engage with these practices once more.

Surprisingly, it took me longer than it should have to realize that I have a ready-made program right in front of me for cultivating my practice again. It won’t look exactly like what my students are doing, but I will engage in all of the exercises for mental discipline, finding a beloved spot in nature, and engaging with the Kindreds and our Holy Days on a basic level.

In the last week, I asked the students to consider the First Oath – a statement made at the beginning of the Dedicant Path to commit to the study of Druidry. While they did this, I considered my oaths – my Dedicant Oath taken in 2010, my Clergy oath in 2016, and to a lesser extent, the ethics code that I wrote while doing my clergy study.

I also began a little twelve day online study to help discover my word for 2019, but no sooner than I began, I knew what it would be. I am returning to the roots of my practice, the basics of discipline and study. I am rebuilding my foundation.

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