Brighid’s Mantle

As my local community experiences some changes, I’m bring pushed to reach out more to those who might only be near me via the internet. I’m still a Priest, even if that service looks a little different than my original intent.

I made nine wiggly brats, blessed ribbons of healing, to send out to people with some Brighid prayer cards I designed. Hopefully these small gifts find their recipients well, and aid them in inspiration and healing.

These ribbons are like pieces of Brighid’s mantle; blessed with healing, we can tie them around our areas of affliction, or around any part of ourselves when we seek her help with healing and comfort.

Brighid has a special affinity with maladies of the eyes or of headaches, I find, given the headaches she suffered as written in her Lives. Tying a ribbon around the head will bring a lessening of the pain, allowing for deeper rest. This is their primary use in our home.

What I also find valuable is resting the ribbon on the shoulders, and becoming enveloped in her mantle bright. It can feel like a heavy blanket, surrounding you with comfort, relieving your stress, as you sit in Brighid’s presence.

Light a flame, make both of you a cup of tea, and reach out to the bright Lady of the hearth, feeling her warming fire and her cooling touch.

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  1. I have a wool blanket left out over Imbolc eve and every time I feel the weight of it on and around me it’s like a hug from her.

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