img_20190303_083233.jpgWhat is my piety in the context of the household?

I wrote this as we approached Imbolc, and this question has been in my mind since then, being turned over and over again as I seek the answer. What is a householder? What does that mean?

I finally took down the Imbolc decor, put the Brighids back into the booze cabinet. Bean was disappointed, he liked to ‘boop’ the Brighids after every meal, but this morning there was just a hint of spring on a rather bare altar. So instead, we went over to the Ancestor shrine where he banged on the shelf repeatedly to say hello (the poor Ancestors can never sleep in…).

I see this now as what I am being called towards, to exemplify piety in the context of a real and messy life. As I wrote in my 2019 Service post, I think it’s important for me to live a public devotional life, as currently I am not in a position to do much else.

I have been reading about householders and their responsibilities within the Vedic tradition, but I am not comfortable enough in my knowledge to speak of it yet. I hesitate towards any sort of pronouncement of new exploration of tradition, especially one that brings along possible notions of gendered practice and responsibility, or one that I may not fully understand in translation.

There’s a secret project in the works. A lot of writing, and shared development with other good people. It’s all tied in with these thoughts and feelings, in an adjacent way. We’re creating something that hopefully will help people to take that first courageous step into their practice.


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