[PoWR] You and Me and “Community”

My Parliament experience was interrupted by a conflict in my home Pagan community, and since I moderate the Facebook group for our area, the parties in question involved me. Without going into too much detail for the sake of all parties, the conflict was over a bad review left about a business, and accusations that... Continue Reading →

[PoWR] The Promise of Inclusion

The tagline for this year’s Parliament was “The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love: Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation, and Change.” What does inclusion mean? How can a modern Pagan organization such as ADF ensure that we are doing our best to include and welcome all? What does this mean, in 2018, with our (supposed)... Continue Reading →

[PoWR] Honour Your Ancestors

Ancestral and indigenous traditions was one of the focal points of my Parliament experience. I wrote in my last post about Turtle Island Indigenous traditions, so now let's look at the Indigenous traditions of Europe. I was excited to see Inija Trinkuniene speak as part of the Priestesses panel, to attend her Sutartines workshop, and... Continue Reading →

[PoWR] Our Home on Native Land

This year at Parliament, we gave a great welcome to Indigenous ceremony - a sacred fire was lit and kept burning for the duration, the opening ceremonies gave primacy to Indigenous attendees and dance, and a great structure called the Lodge of Nations was erected with its own track of programming and an accreditation program.... Continue Reading →

Post-Parliament Reflections

“What do you think is the biggest misconception about Paganism today?” This is the question that began my Parliament, asked by a woman I didn't know who was borrowing my program book, just minutes after I had checked in. I stumbled through an answer, something about multiple paths, and I felt woefully underprepared for the... Continue Reading →

A Samhain Prayer

Amid the falling drops of rain, Under the greying sky, I pause in the presence of the spirits. It is your season, Mighty Dead, We feel you stirring in the Earth. Let us hear your whispers in the leaves, Emerge from this timeless autumn. Come to us now, on the breeze, And we will carry... Continue Reading →

Samhain in Our Home

High Days are like tides; they ebb and flow and exist for much longer than just a day. The mood for Samhain begins with the first leaf fall; a melancholy can be felt in the gentle rains and the whispers of the benevolent dead become more audible. It is a long and slow season, filled... Continue Reading →

October Colouring Sheet

Deb of Deb Hallett's Handiwork was so kind to share with my readers this colouring sheet this month. (You're spared from my art for a few more weeks!) Celebrate the season with a little bit of art, for children and adults alike. Deb does custom work, logo design, and she is also a Paint Nite teacher.... Continue Reading →

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