Ordinary Time

Last night, my husband and I took down our Christmas decorations. All the ornaments packed away, the medieval banners unstrung, and our zvizda and perllan taken back upstairs for storage. Beans, this morning, was confused, asking in his toddler way why there were no more "stars" on the tree. I explained that Christmas is a... Continue Reading →

Samhain at the Wren’s Nest

Our Samhain season this year is more complex than it has been previously, because of how the lunar and solar cycles intersect. In our hearth calendar, we observe the lunar months while celebrating solar holidays publicly, but this year for Samhain, our Three Nights of Samhain began last night -- on the same night as... Continue Reading →

The Hearth Keepers Way

Last night, under the light of the Moon, my husband and I formed our hearth, The Wren's Nest, with fire and song. We've been practicing our paganism together for sixteen years, and this small formal step joins our hearth with those of other Hearth Keepers in ADF around the world. [We should have done this... Continue Reading →

White, Amber, Red

As I prepare to lead the installation rite for the Brighid Shrine at this year’s Three Rivers Festival, I’m focusing on three Brighidine virtues: piety, hospitality, and fertility, as represented by three colours. For this devotion, PIETY is represented by the colour white, symbolizing purity and connection. Piety can be something that we strive for,... Continue Reading →


What is my piety in the context of the household? I wrote this as we approached Imbolc, and this question has been in my mind since then, being turned over and over again as I seek the answer. What is a householder? What does that mean? I finally took down the Imbolc decor, put the... Continue Reading →

2019 Service

In addition to my work at home, I have service responsibilities to my Grove, and the ADF and Durham Pagan communities as a Priest. I have written a list (that has already been revised once) about my commitments to service in 2019. I present it below for accountability, though with my impending return to work... Continue Reading →

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