Samhain Prayer Chapbook

A full moon gift from me to you: a small chapbook of prayers you can use for your Samhain celebrations. This little chapbook will take you through Three Nights of Samhain, where we can honour the Ancestors of Blood, Kin, and Land in short devotional rituals. You can perform these devotional prayers one a day... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for the Hours of the Day

Insert the appropriate middle verse depending on the time of day. A Prayer for the Hours of the Day. Being a microcosm of the Seasons and the Wheel-Year.  By Faith the fire is kindled, through Faith gifts are offered up. We celebrate with praises Faith upon the height of happiness. Faith in the early morning,... Continue Reading →

Crafting the Solstice

Our Winter Solstice rite in its current incarnation took years to form, and I attribute that to the power of secular traditions at this time. How could we create a rite that was both true to our faith, and true to the spirit of this season shared among many? With thanks to Brian Walsh, I... Continue Reading →

The Burned Bannock

One of my highlights of our Samhain rite was honouring An Cailleach. Our Cailleach, for there are many cailleachan, is associated with the Oak Ridges Moraine, where one of Her stone houses is. Every Samhain, at the start of Winter, willing Grove members draw lots from a bannock with a blackened spot to see who will... Continue Reading →

Earth Mother Procession

Near the end of May, far later than we should've, Lugaid and I finally installed our Earth Mother statue on the shrine. She is actually the Maiden in a set of three, but when I saw Her at first, I thought her crescent moon was a sickle. Finding Her again later, She was mislabelled as... Continue Reading →

Beating the Bounds

At our Grove's Bealtaine rite, we beat the bounds of our ritual space during the Workings section of the rite. Since we began the day with relighting our hearthfire to establish our worship outdoors, this was the best time to beat the bounds and (re)define the land as ours, in a sense. As we rent... Continue Reading →

Gates, An Experiment

At our Latha na Cailliche rite on March 23, I had the opportunity to try out a different Gate opening from what we normally do. We've been looking for ways to enhance our liturgy, and this was a stunning success. Let me back up -- the Gates are a concept within ADF liturgy and theology... Continue Reading →


As part of the discipline practice in my clergy studies, one of the requirements is to perform "a full solo hearth ritual that includes honouring the Gods and Spirits of the student, divining the nature of the Blessing and working a good Blessing in turn." This phrasing has made me consider what it means to... Continue Reading →

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