White, Amber, Red

As I prepare to lead the installation rite for the Brighid Shrine at this year’s Three Rivers Festival, I’m focusing on three Brighidine virtues: piety, hospitality, and fertility, as represented by three colours. For this devotion, PIETY is represented by the colour white, symbolizing purity and connection. Piety can be something that we strive for,... Continue Reading →

2019 Service

In addition to my work at home, I have service responsibilities to my Grove, and the ADF and Durham Pagan communities as a Priest. I have written a list (that has already been revised once) about my commitments to service in 2019. I present it below for accountability, though with my impending return to work... Continue Reading →


I'm guiding a small group of ADF Dedicants through Rev. Michael Dangler's program, The Dedicant Path through the Wheel of the Year. These eight students are committing themselves to study druidry for a year, including engaging in mental discipline and regularly visiting nature. Since Bean, my regular practice has all but disappeared. The discipline that... Continue Reading →

[PoWR] A Religious Life

One of my Parliament goals was to get a selfie with a nun. I took a lot of selfies with a lot of cool people (Selena Fox, Oberon Zell, Don Lewis, Vandana Shiva...) but I did not acquire the holy of holies. In fact, I don't know if I saw a (Catholic) nun at all.... Continue Reading →

Finding Piety Again

The last year has brought a lot of change to my life. After my Bean was born, everything was so different. It was hard to remember the person I was before. I mourned her and cried for her, and it took quite some time to find my footing again. A mother is only as old as... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Okay, so the end of Solstice Tide didn't go as planned. Extreme cold weather, an "urgent" ultrasound (I'm fine, baby's fine), a problem with the house, and not getting very much sleep each night made for a less-than-perfect end to Solstice Tide. But, there's nothing to really fret about as we still sang to trees... Continue Reading →

A Personal Update

In addition to being the most inconsistent blogger, I'm pregnant, meaning I have recently spent a lot of time napping and being exhausted from basic tasks instead of writing. Now that I'm feeling better, it's time to get back to my now-much-longer-than-30 Days of Druidry. But first, a diversion. In addition to the tiredness and... Continue Reading →

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