White, Amber, Red

As I prepare to lead the installation rite for the Brighid Shrine at this year’s Three Rivers Festival, I’m focusing on three Brighidine virtues: piety, hospitality, and fertility, as represented by three colours. For this devotion, PIETY is represented by the colour white, symbolizing purity and connection. Piety can be something that we strive for,... Continue Reading →

Solstice Tide, Day Four

Brighid, hear my praise: you are the daughter of the Dagda, the poet, smith, and healer, you are the fire on my hearth, the centre of my home, you are the Dove among birds, Vine among trees, Sun among stars. Tonight, I honour Brighid, of hearth and holy flame. May She burn ever bright in... Continue Reading →

8 – Relationships: Gods

The gods are one of the Three Kindreds, loose classifications of beings that we honour in our druidry. In ADF, our organization focuses on the gods of different Indo-European cultures, but individuals may have relationships with whatever gods or spirits speak to them. Within Indo-European cultures, there are many similarities between deities found in each... Continue Reading →

Brighid Felt Hand Puppet

Last year, I made a series of felt animal puppets at work which get high mileage in our storytimes, so I decided to make one of Brighid for Imbolc this year. There's quite a few goddess dolls out there, and even some puppets, so here's my contribution to the fun.

The Flametender’s Hymn

The Flametenders' Hymn [Chorus] Hail to Brighid, my heart of hearts Surround, enfold my spirit Your comfort bright upon my hearth Allow me to draw near it Bright beauty shines upon your face Your countenance inspires Through well and flame, extend your grace Our hearts to yours aspire [Chorus] Through dark, we keep our candles... Continue Reading →


Eithne is the mother of Lugh Lamhfada, the king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She is the daughter of Balor, and as a prophecy proclaimed that Balor would be slain by his grandson, Eithne was locked in a tower of glass on Tory Island, that she would never meet a man. Myths being what they... Continue Reading →


I rose early, washing my face and dressing, plaiting my hair and putting on makeup in anticipation of her. She is coming! I thought, and having heard she was beautiful, it was difficult to wait. I wanted to see her, to experience her beauty for myself, and I hoped that perhaps in me was a... Continue Reading →

Meal Prayer #2

Our bodies are made from the Earth Herself, The Bright and Dark Mother, All-Encompassing. All we have, She gives to us, So we must give ourselves to Her: Our bodies indebted in her service. O Blessed Mother, as I eat Your bounty, I nourish my body. O Blessed Mother, as I drink Your waters, I... Continue Reading →

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