Brighid’s Mantle

As my local community experiences some changes, I'm bring pushed to reach out more to those who might only be near me via the internet. I'm still a Priest, even if that service looks a little different than my original intent. I made nine wiggly brats, blessed ribbons of healing, to send out to people... Continue Reading →

Towards Imbolc

Tonight is my scheduled flametending shift for Brighid. I find it fitting that at sunset, I will light her sacred flame to carry us from the solstice season towards Imbolc. As my focus word for 2019 is 'foundation', I am continuing to build my practice back up around the hearth and home, of which Brighid... Continue Reading →

Daily Devotions

Because of some spirited discussion amongst a small group of ADF folk, here are my current daily prayers. Some contain UPG, or Grove-specific references: MORNING. Eithne. High above us, your unwavering light shines. Looking to you, I remember my place in the world. Dawn. [Rg Veda, Book VII, Hymn LXXX.] The priests are the first awakened... Continue Reading →

Four Days of Summer Solstice

I didn't plan to have four days of Summer Solstice, not intentionally... but it was one of the most fantastic and exhausting weekends. Friday night, Lugaid and I went on a fancy date to our conservation authority's Summer Solstice dinner and night hike. It was a small group, and we helped prepare the tapas menu,... Continue Reading →


I have a few influences that inform my practice, some of which are more apparent than others, and some more surprising than others. As I continue to create a worship cycle, accompanied by specific rites, actions, and prayers, I find that I draw on a fairly wide-ranging variety of sources to do so. This is a... Continue Reading →


For most of 2013, I struggled with the idea that I was supposed to live an ascetic life. I was never really sure how to do this, seeing how I am married, the Senior Druid of our Grove, and working 25 hours a week. I thought that it was my calling to live like a... Continue Reading →

What (Not) To Wear

It's that time again where I agonise about what to wear to ritual and in my every day life. It's bothering me this time for a few reasons, though different than before. Please note that I am, of course, only talking about myself and my personal experiences and thoughts. I wouldn't expect that anyone take my... Continue Reading →

The Heart-Fire

I have been frozen in ice for the last few months. I allowed whispers of what people were saying about me to reach my ears and penetrate my soul. I ceased to live, believing that to avoid criticism, I would simply do nothing. I avoided my ADF clergy preliminary work. I stopped doing my devotions. I allowed... Continue Reading →

Local Sacred Spaces

I feel rather grounded in the rites and ways of my gods -- that is, within the confines of a ritual structure, in a "created" sacred space. But it's time to move beyond that, and seek out the influence of the gods in nature, in my city, to connect with the gods through the land... Continue Reading →

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