A Samhain Prayer

Amid the falling drops of rain, Under the greying sky, I pause in the presence of the spirits. It is your season, Mighty Dead, We feel you stirring in the Earth. Let us hear your whispers in the leaves, Emerge from this timeless autumn. Come to us now, on the breeze, And we will carry... Continue Reading →

Samhain in Our Home

High Days are like tides; they ebb and flow and exist for much longer than just a day. The mood for Samhain begins with the first leaf fall; a melancholy can be felt in the gentle rains and the whispers of the benevolent dead become more audible. It is a long and slow season, filled... Continue Reading →

October Colouring Sheet

Deb of Deb Hallett's Handiwork was so kind to share with my readers this colouring sheet this month. (You're spared from my art for a few more weeks!) Celebrate the season with a little bit of art, for children and adults alike. Deb does custom work, logo design, and she is also a Paint Nite teacher.... Continue Reading →

Samhain Prayer Chapbook

A full moon gift from me to you: a small chapbook of prayers you can use for your Samhain celebrations. This little chapbook will take you through Three Nights of Samhain, where we can honour the Ancestors of Blood, Kin, and Land in short devotional rituals. You can perform these devotional prayers one a day... Continue Reading →

Resource Roundup: Samhain Music

I love seasonal music, and I hope you do too. Luckily, there's a whole community of people who have curated playlists for us, so all we need to do is sit back and listen. Here's a few playlists from 8tracks.com to get you in that Samhain mood. Listen to them for inspiration when planning or... Continue Reading →

Review: The Memory Tree

These two children's books may be helpful to you if you are looking to teach a young one about death. The Memory Tree is about an old fox who lays down in the forest for the last time, and his friends share their memories of him. The memories grow into a tree, which remains a part... Continue Reading →

A Hearth-Centred Practice, Revisited

A long, long time ago, when this blog was just a baby, I wrote a post called A Hearth-Centred Practice, in which I explored what I want our home religious life to be. In that post, I posited that this practice would include: -         daily worship, performed by myself on behalf of the household -        ... Continue Reading →

A Morning Prayer

[image: A woman covered in tiny lights, backlit by the dawn.] I will kindle the fire this morning And centre myself among the Three Realms: Upon the firm and bountiful Land, Beside the wide and mysterious Sea, Under the bright and shining sky. I will kindle the fire this morning In the presence of the... Continue Reading →

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