16 – Inspirations: Prayer and Meditation

I’m not the best meditator, and it’s become worse since the pregnancy began. I can’t go very far in trance, because this physical experience grounds me constantly. My meditations have mostly been limited to five-minute Two Powers, or listening to guided meditations specifically for a healthy pregnancy. Prayer, on the other hand, comes far easier … Continue reading 16 – Inspirations: Prayer and Meditation

15 – Inspirations: Awen and Creativity

The terms “awen” or “imbas” aren’t often used in our community; most of us simply say inspiration. Inspiration is regularly called upon in our Grove rites, and as part of our opening liturgy after we honour the Earth Mother and the Hearth Goddess. We do not call upon inspiration directly, instead petitioning those beings who … Continue reading 15 – Inspirations: Awen and Creativity