Rule of Life

In the absence of a formal Rule of Life, please see below my ethics code, written for Ethics 1 of the Clergy Training Program of Ár nDraíocht Féin. It informs my living without explicitly stating what should or should not be done.

As a Priest, I will uphold piety.

  • I will keep the observances of the Wheel of the Year and maintain good relationships with the Kindreds.
  • I will provide opportunities for my communities to participate in this worship, and encourage their contributions to such.
  • I will maintain my personal relationships with my gods and spirits.
  • I will walk gently upon the Earth, promoting stewardship and conservation.

As a Priest, I will live with integrity.

  • I will obey the civil law and encourage my congregation and others to do the same.
  • I will avoid any actions that may cause harm to others and speech that is untrue.
  • I will maintain my body and spirit through healthy living and self-care.

As a Priest, I will espouse fairness.

  • I will provide reasonable hospitality and guidance to any ADF member or person in my community who seeks it.
  • I will ensure that all enquiries are answered promptly and with equal effort.

As a Priest, I will maintain confidentiality.

  • I will maintain confidentiality for all privileged communications between myself and other ADF members, or other members of my community, excepting:
    • where a duty to report exists in the law,
    • where disclosure will prevent significant harm to others,
    • with written consent of the other party.

As a Priest, I will maintain clear boundaries.

  • I will represent my abilities honestly, and refer to others when I am unable to assist.
  • I will not engage in sexual or other unequal relationships with other ADF members or those in my communities.

As a Priest, I will seek to improve my service.

  • I will receive criticism with grace and make any appropriate changes.
  • I will continue to seek education in relevant fields, that I may share my knowledge with others.

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