White, Amber, Red

As I prepare to lead the installation rite for the Brighid Shrine at this year’s Three Rivers Festival, I’m focusing on three Brighidine virtues: piety, hospitality, and fertility, as represented by three colours. For this devotion, PIETY is represented by the colour white, symbolizing purity and connection. Piety can be something that we strive for,... Continue Reading →

15 – Inspirations: Awen and Creativity

The terms “awen” or “imbas” aren’t often used in our community; most of us simply say inspiration. Inspiration is regularly called upon in our Grove rites, and as part of our opening liturgy after we honour the Earth Mother and the Hearth Goddess. We do not call upon inspiration directly, instead petitioning those beings who... Continue Reading →

Solstice Tide, Day Four

Brighid, hear my praise: you are the daughter of the Dagda, the poet, smith, and healer, you are the fire on my hearth, the centre of my home, you are the Dove among birds, Vine among trees, Sun among stars. Tonight, I honour Brighid, of hearth and holy flame. May She burn ever bright in... Continue Reading →

12 – Relationships: The Dark Half of the Year

The 30 Days of Druidry prompt series separates the next two prompts into the Fire Festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, and Lughnasadh) and the Solar Festivals (Winter Solstice, Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumnal Equinox), but I don’t think of them in that division. For me, and for my Grove, the Wheel of the Year progresses... Continue Reading →

7 – Foundations: Day-to-Day Practice

At our hearth, there are three main components to our daily practice: morning, meal, and evening prayers. The morning and evening prayers are performed by myself, usually alone, for in our home it is my responsibility to tend the hearthfire and make these offerings. I do this because it is right to do so, and... Continue Reading →

Brighid Felt Hand Puppet

Last year, I made a series of felt animal puppets at work which get high mileage in our storytimes, so I decided to make one of Brighid for Imbolc this year. There's quite a few goddess dolls out there, and even some puppets, so here's my contribution to the fun.

Preparing for Imbolc

I'm already in an Imbolc kind of mood, ready for the warmth of the hearthfire, cups of tea, and buttered scones. It's one of my favourite holidays (they're all my favourite holidays), but I have time off work specifically for celebrating, so I plan on immersing myself in the light of Brighid's flames. Erin Lund... Continue Reading →


Our hearth serves as a connecting point for all of our Grove Members. When one becomes a Member, they light a candle from the hearthfire to take home. When we light those candles on our own shrines, we are connected to everyone else. Our hearthfire is kindled anew each year at Bealtaine. Though the Indo-European... Continue Reading →

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