A Community Response to Climate Change

In response to my post about climate change from the Parliament, my new friend Ashley Price offered to share how her community is addressing these concerns, building a resilient network of initiatives and community resources. Perhaps her community will inspire yours also - join in the comments or on Facebook to discuss how you can... Continue Reading →

3 – Foundations: Nature and Earth

The Earth Mother occupies a central place in our worship. In our rites, She receives the first offering. This is because She is the foundation of our work, and without Her, we could not live. She nourishes and sustains us, so we honour Her as is right. There is no one correct way of understanding... Continue Reading →

Holy Tides: Spring

In Beth Wodandis's latest video, I enjoyed that she talked about the High Days being like tides, for just a couple days before I was saying the very same thing to Lugaid over dinner. The idea of holy tides drives our home worship as seasons flow into each other. Spring, then, begins with the rising of... Continue Reading →

Blessing of Spring Baskets

Here is last year's blessing of the Spring Baskets for my Grove. I'm challenged this year by needing to write something that has an equally powerful effect, but isn't the same and won't open itself for comparison. Maybe though, this can help you with your Equinox celebration. Our Grove honours An Cailleach for the final time,... Continue Reading →

Earth Mother Procession

Near the end of May, far later than we should've, Lugaid and I finally installed our Earth Mother statue on the shrine. She is actually the Maiden in a set of three, but when I saw Her at first, I thought her crescent moon was a sickle. Finding Her again later, She was mislabelled as... Continue Reading →

Meal Prayer #2

Our bodies are made from the Earth Herself, The Bright and Dark Mother, All-Encompassing. All we have, She gives to us, So we must give ourselves to Her: Our bodies indebted in her service. O Blessed Mother, as I eat Your bounty, I nourish my body. O Blessed Mother, as I drink Your waters, I... Continue Reading →

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