30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 23-30

The fortnight after Lughnasadh was so much harder compared to before the holiday. The anticipatory energy wasn't there, and with a couple of cooler days and signs of the approaching harvest, I found it hard to connect. Even still, when I wrote the last prayer my eyes misted up a bit, because this was an... Continue Reading →

30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 16-22

This project is getting rather difficult as the days move away from Lughnasadh. Torn apart by your spear, Lugh, The heat of the Sun lies broken on the ground. I stand under the rolling clouds, arms open, Ready to receive your blessings. Lugh, protector of the tribe, You keep us in sustenance and safety. Within... Continue Reading →

Lughnasadh Proper

We celebrated Lughnasadh proper by visiting the farmer's market with our friend Reba, excited to see its abundance. We tasted artisan goat cheese, pickled cabbage, and Lugaid bought a "champion" butter tart. We also bought sweet potatoes the size of my head, so we could make a sweet potato blueberry bread for potluck feast. Then, we went... Continue Reading →

30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 12-15

[For a job interview.] A test of ability, A test of strength, A test of clear thinking: Like your entrance to Tara, Let the mastery of my own skills grant me entrance through this interview. Lugh, let your confident radiance shine through me, As I say, "Question me!" I think of your foster-mother and her... Continue Reading →

30 Lughnasadh Prayers, 5-11

[For Lugh and Brighid, the gods of our house:] Spear above the door, protector Ward the boundaries of our home. Fire on the hearth, nurturer, Hold the centre of our home. Watch our goings out and comings in, Beneath the turning of the moon and sun. All around me, Lugh, are those that are around... Continue Reading →

30 Lughnasadh Prayers

With gessa and feats of arms were they performed, a fortnight before Lugnasad and a fortnight after: under dicitur Lughnasadh, that is, the celebration or the festival of Lugh. - Lebor Gabala Erenn, §59 I suggested to Nathan, half-serious, that he choose to do something in devotion for the fortnight leading up to Lughnasadh and... Continue Reading →

Tailtiu’s Story

We celebrated Lughnasadh yesterday with the Grove, with Warriors' Games and ritual and feasting. Lugaid and I took home the championships for the second year in a row, and I'm so thankful for all the competitors who played with honour and good hearts. I had so much fun! I'm so proud of me for throwing... Continue Reading →

Lughnasadh Champion!

Feast your eyes upon the Women's Championship Plate, awarded to me at this year's Lughnasadh Games for Dancing Lights Grove, ADF! I'm honestly very excited about winning the games, but not for the reason that one may expect. Sure, it's wonderful to have finally won after placing in both mixed and gendered games for years,... Continue Reading →

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